• Ode to my Mothers

    So 20 years ago cancer took my mother. Yes those of you who know me well. 20 years. On this solemn anniversary I normally put something sweet in remembrance of my mother. But today I thought I would, instead, thank the ladies that picked up the slack in her absence. Buckle up kids, I’m sorry in advance.   These aren’t in any particular order.   Amy Chismar: My Aunt Amy who from the moment she lost her sister, and don’t let the blood lines confuse you, they were sisters by heart, she found a way for us to connect to…

  • It’s not us… it’s you.

    It’s not us… it’s you.

    The perils of helping those in need. I was recently confronted with the problem of helping someone that shouldn’t need help. Let me explain. The job of a parent is to provide and protect and watch our children make big mistakes while protesting from the sidelines “you’re doing it wrong”. That being said if your child is standing on the edge of a cliff and you try to talk them back and you even offer them your hand and they still say “no”. Your job as a parent is not to push them over. They will, more often than not,…

  • A Vlog in NYC! I’m in it… trust me.

    Jackson Horvat, my son and published author, makes his way through New York City for college visits and some site seeing.

  • The Broken Plate Analogy

    The Broken Plate Analogy

    I was considering the broken plate analogy the other day when it occurred to me that it is, in fact, an incomplete thought. If you’re unaware of the analogy of which I speak it goes something like this: “Grab a plate. Now break it on the floor. Now tell it you’re sorry. Is it fixed? No? Now you understand.” It makes sense. It gets the point across but lacks the punch that the “plate” in any scenario really feels. In my mind the scenario goes like this: Grab a plate. Smash it. Tell it your sorry. The plate believes you…